Special Issue

CDSians on the novel corona virus

(March 1st 2020 to July 15th 2020 )

Dear readers,

The covid19 pandemic is taking us through one of the most difficult times that the world has witnessed since the Second World War. Day to day accounts of disease and death has set in a pall of gloom across the world. A vaccine or a cure seems still uncertain and far away. Life as we knew till about eight months back don’t exist anymore. The brisk mornings rushing to our workplaces, honking on the streets jostling for space; flying out and in; ubering in new cities; google navigating our way through unknown terrains; evening tea at the local teastall, gossiping at the dinner table; the underappreciated ‘normalcy’ of   life has, in a flash, disappeared and its place  taken  up by stay at home, break the chain, physical distancing, lockdown, containment zones, quarantining, daily count of disease and death, uncertainties, risks, fears.

Survival, however, is not a choice. It is the only way! We as a species have survived many calamities, some invented by us, some we inherited and some thrust on us by nature. We survived as we empathised, learned and adapted. The pandemic has thrown many of us into disarray. But it has also exposed the empathizing nature of us. The pandemic has driven us to fear; But it has also forced to learn faster and adapt quicker.

This issue of the Chronicle is a special one. As  conscientious social scientists and thinkers we are deeply affected by the grim reality  surrounding us. We are searching for modes of survival, to adapt.   At CDS we witnessed an unusually active buzz of responses to the covid crisis. News paper articles, webinars, working papers, lectures and  panel discussions had multiplied during the period. We have compiled these covid pandemic responses and the weblinks are attached. The compilation is for the period March 1st 2020 to July 15th 2020. These authors/ speakers include students, faculty, non-teaching staff and alumni. We have compiled and arranged these thematically. We hope that this compilation would be of interest to  the readers. My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Basit Abdullah, PhD scholar at  CDS,  who readily volunteered to compile these materials at my request.

Stay Safe

Vinoj & the editorial team CDS Chronicle


Pandemic and Economic Recovery

  • Why RBI’s measures to infuse liquidity won’t be enough for recovery
  • Covid-19 and Macroeconomic Uncertainty


Employment informal economy and the pandemic

  • COVID-19 Lockdown: Protecting the Poor Means Keeping the Indian Economy Afloat
  • Post-Lockdown, Bihar’s Labour Market Needs a Long-Overdue Shot in the Arm
  • Unequal Impact: COVID-19 Will Hit Youth Harder
  • COVID-19 impact: Informal economy workers excluded from most govt measures, be it cash transfers or tax benefits
  • Harnessing the Demographic Dividend amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic in India: The Way Forward for Youth Employment and Opportunities
  • COVID-19: Lockdown Impact on Informal Sector in India


Covid policies and management

  • Covid-19: How Kerala has shown us the way
  • How Odisha and Kerala are leading from the front in war against covid
  • Testing’ Times: Fighting COVID-19 Deaths in India
  • Dealing with Covid-19 pandemic: Why the ‘Kerala Model’ is working
  • No excuse for a niggardly Covid-19 relief package
  • Faced with the prospect of economic collapse and even starvation, a fiscal package of 10 per cent of GDP is in order. And it is just a question of getting the priorities right
  • Run with caution in the vaccine race: History shows even the most effective vaccines could have unknown side effects
  • Is Covid-19 equally deadly across all states?
  • COVID-19 Economic Blow: ‘JaanBhi, JahaanBhi’ Needs a Bigger Stimulus
  • Covid-19: Saving economy
  • Child Budgeting During COVID-19: The Case of Indian State of Karnataka
  • Mobility reductions in response to Covid-19 in India: Comparing voluntary, state and central responses
  • No ‘Room’ for Social Distancing: A Look at India’s Housing and Sanitation Conditions
  • Covid-19: How long can consumption be sustained in lockdown?


Migration: internal and international

  • An Expert Explains: What is the future of migration from Kerala?
  • Covid-19 has Exposed the Raw Nerves In Indian Society And Culture of Double speak
  • IMPRI Special Lecture: Migration and the State amid the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • COVID-19 and Lockdown – The Divergent Trajectory of Inter-state Migrants in Kerala
  • Urban planning alone will not help slum-dwellers



  • Distressing apathy of the urban middle-class
  • Covid Leads to More Child Marriages in India


Health and nutrition

  • Webinar on Impact of Covid-19 on availability and access to health and nutrition services – insights from a rapid study in five states.
  • Assessment of Health and Economic Status of Adivasis during COVID-19 Crisis


Political Economy

  • Webinar on Political Economy of Government Responses to Covid-29: A Cross Country Analysis
  • Powerless and Naked – Our Collective, Political Mental Health
  • World Economy and Nation States post COVID-19
  • Kerala’s Citizen-First Approach To Fighting COVID-19
  • Lecture: Failures of Citizenship under the Lockdown: The Case of Migrant Labour



  • India’s role in frugal innovations in health-related technologies to deal with COVID-19, Opportunities and constraints
  • Drug pricing is certainly not the issue in growing dependence on China

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